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3. Another Section

3.1 Windows

I've Made a Relese of the version 0.1 under windows. I just have test it under Windows ME. In the release you have the exe file and dll's file for qt and msvc developement. If a dll or something else don't work, thanks to write me an e-mail at Thomas Alexandre (alexthomas (AT) free (DOT) fr) to inform me.

3.2 Toolbar

See here a description of differents buttons of the main toolbar.

 OPEN : Open a 3ds file into the viewer.
 MERGE: Merge another 3ds file into the current 3d mesh.
 SHOOT: Realize a screen shoot of the 3d view, you can save the picture on a bmp file.
 MODE : Rendering mode (fill or line).
 INFO : Show info about the file (vertex, faces...)
 ABOUT: About this API.

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